Printable Watercolor Flower Butterfly Wedding Bundle + 5 kinds of Wedding Evites, 100% Editable Text with Corjl, Garden Wedding, INSTANT DOWNLOAD, DIY, Digital Card, PDF file, #30WB 153 BF1

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- 2 sizes of Save the Date Evites (1080x1920 & 1125x2436 px for sending digitally) Searching No. 146
- 2 sizes of Invitation Set, Invitation, Details and RSVP Evites (1080x1920 & 1125x2436 px for sending digitally) S/N 146
- 2 sizes of Welcome Signs (18" x 24", 24" x 36") S/N 120
- 2 sizes of Custom Signs (5" x 7", 8" x 10") S/N 119
- 2 kinds of Seating Charts (18" x 24" Table No. order, 36" x 24" Alphabetical order) S/N 151
- Small sizes of Seating Charts (1 Header Card 9" x 4", 2 Cards 4" x 6" in Table No. order & Alphabetical order) S/N 122
Program with back (4" x 9") S/N 104
- Menu Card (4" x 9") S/N 114
- 2 kinds of Table No. Cards (4" x 6" for Flat, 5" x 5" for Tent) S/N 121
- 2 kinds of Place Cards (3.5" x 2" for Flat & Tent) S/N 121
- 2 kinds of Favor Tag (2" x 2" for Square & Round for tag or label) S/N 118
- 2 sizes of Thank you Evites (1080x1920 & 1125x2436 px for sending digitally) S/N 146

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