About Hei Jinny

Hello, My name is Hannah and I am the designer and owner behind 'Hei Jinny', http://www.heijinny.com.  Since my early childhood I loved drawing pictures of flowers & nature with the hope and purpose to make people feel happy.

'Hei' in Hebrew means breathe and become a living being.  Jinny is my younger sister and my soulmate.  In the Hei Jinny, I would breathe and become a living being doing things that I love, as well as her.

I hope, Jinny would be a Genie to someone and could be together with someone in the moments of delight.

At Hei Jinny, we offer customers resources for affordable and user-friendly wedding templates.  All of our templates allow you customize text, create multiple versions, and print as many copies as needed.

New designs are constantly being added, so please come back and look around when you can.  Your support is greatly appreciated!